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Why Big Brands Are Simplifying Their Branding, And Why It's Also Good for SMEs

Updated: 6 days ago

In recent years, many big brands like Kya, Uber, Klarna, Pepsi-Cola, and others have simplified their logos and moved away from 3D branding. This trend is driven by a few key factors, especially digitalization, and it can be beneficial for small and mid-size businesses too.

Adapting to The Digital Era

First, simplicity is more effective in today's digital age. With an abundance of online content and social media, consumers are bombarded with information and images, and they have less time and attention to give to each individual brand. By simplifying a logo and branding, it can make it more recognizable and memorable, as well as easier to reproduce across different platforms.

Embracing Versatility

Second, simplicity also allows a brand to be more versatile. Simplified logos can be more easily adapted to different media and applications, from social media avatars to billboards and clothing. This versatility can help a brand to reach a wider audience and create more impact.

Choosing Simplicity

Third, simplicity can also convey a sense of timelessness and sophistication. A simple logo or branding can convey a sense of understated elegance, which can make a brand seem more trustworthy and professional, which is especially useful for mid-size businesses to come across as more established and serious.

Conveying Sobriety

Fourth, simplifying logos and branding also allows a company to focus on values and sustainability, rather than on making quick sales, as mentioned earlier. By focusing on the values that drive a company and the impact that it has on the environment and the community, it can help attract customers who share these values.

Reducing Costs

Fifth, simplifying branding can also be more cost-effective. Traditional 3D branding designs and marketing campaigns can be expensive and difficult to reproduce across different platforms. By simplifying branding, a business can reduce costs while still building a strong reputation.

Why You Should Consider Simplifying Your Logo Too

Simplifying logos and branding is a trend that many well-known brands are following and it can be beneficial for mid-size businesses as well. Simplicity can make a logo and branding more recognizable, versatile, timeless, and cost-effective, and also helps a business to focus on values and sustainability, which can help to build a strong reputation and attract a wider audience.

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