Manelik New Song ‘Be As You Are’ Is Bound to Impress You With Its Blissful Charm

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

The popular single ‘Be As You Are’ by rising stars Manelik imparts a beautiful thought of self-acceptance through a well-synthesized melodic performance.

ProNewsReport – Geneva, May 12, 2020 (

With its unique distorted melodies and edgy lyrical content, the genre of alternative rock has become on the most popular subgenres of rock, creating a new wave of sonic beauty. Stellar alternative rock band Manelik has again brought another masterpiece called ‘Be As You Are‘ on the table – exuding a blend of great guitar riffs and syncopated drums contributing to the creation of the glorious symphony enhancing the impact of the eloquently weaved, thought-provoking lyrical wordplay, on the psyche of their listeners. The alternative rock collective comprised of Manelik Sfez (drums, bass, guitars, keyboards, violins) Marcello Vieira (lead & background vocals) Sed Bandini (guitars, pianos) Ivy Marie (lead & background vocals) Alberto Rigoni (bass) and Anders Ertboll (guitars) was founded in 2019. Sharing a great passion for music-making, the team never fails to satisfy the audience, presenting their flawless harmonic execution and some extraordinary instrumental inventiveness. Based in Geneva, Manelik has garnered their influences from masters like Muse, Coldplay, Keane, Toto, Chicago, and Imagine Dragons and flourished infusing their complex harmony with the classical acoustic delight. Their latest hit single ‘Be As You Are’ displays a polished and stylized rhythmic progression through their masterful instrumentation, encapsulating the inspiring libretto with the captivating vocal prowess. Working under Aabram Records, they have produced wondrous tracks like ‘F.L.Y.’, ‘Stars’, ‘Twisted Life’, and ‘Insomnia’ – exhibiting their pounding bass, robust drums, ecstatic guitar solos, and intoxicating choruses. Make sure to follow them on Spotify, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter and watch out for their next full-length opus, featuring 14 tracks, releasing in 2021. You must listen to this track on Spotify!

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