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Do This to Leave Competition Behind

If you're self-employed, building or owning a business, leading a startup, or even the marketing manager of a small or midsize business, this e-book will help you.

In these 55 pages, you will learn how to position your brand effectively and outside of competition-cluttered markets.

You'll also be getting TWO BONUSES.


You'll learn the 5 Immutable Laws of Brand Identity, which will be immensely useful (and eye-opening) to developing a solid, unique positioning. 

Plus a free lesson from THE 30-DAY BRAND ELEVATOR where you'll learn how to create a solid brand name, or how to check and improve yours.


Click that download button and get instant access!

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Your Very Own Branding Guru


After leading branding and marketing efforts for multinational companies and agencies for 20+ years, I decided to help smaller companies quickly and radically improve their brand.


I created an alternative for startups and small business leaders at a fraction of the usual cost.

THE 30-DAY BRAND ELEVATOR is intense, inspiring, engaging, and designed to lift your business and brand to the next level. And you're in good hands.


Branding programs I have run along this model have often generated phenomenal growth, and some won international awards.

My personal rule is that my clients’ brands must always be thought out, designed, and managed as if they were major brands.

I’ll be teaching you how to do that.

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Have You Heard of My 30-Day Program?

Use this program only if you want to go deeper and elevate your brand to where it deserves to be.

Large corporations have access to world-class branding competencies, and so should you to maximize your performance. 


But not everyone can spend $150-500k on expert branding works or even $50k on a smaller project.


THE 30-DAY BRAND ELEVATOR is your best alternative to get the same results for less than 1% of the cost. 

You'll learn everything you need to know to develop solid branding, and I'll teach you how to create all the branding assets you need.


More than anything, your brand can make or break you as a business.


So work with me for 30 days and save tens of thousands of dollars by building a brand strategy that has nothing to envy the best ones!


So if you're ready to step up and elevate your brand to stellar levels, check the awesome content you'll be getting!

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